Hair Trends: Headbands

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What’s hot in celebrity hair these days? It’s headbands. Wide, thick, one-tone color headbands are being worn by celebs everywhere. Headbands are a quick way to make yourself look polished and put together without seeming stuffy. With a wide array of colors and prints available, headbands can be matched to any outfit.

Headbands have really become popular due to the rise of the young star Leighton Meester from television’s hot drama Gossip Girl. Meester has become a fashion icon and routinely pairs her gorgeous attire with satin headpieces.

Another great plus about headbands –they can hide bangs. So if you’re in that awkward hair stage where you are trying to grow out your bangs, but they haven’t quite reached a good length yet, pull them back in a headband.



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As anyone with curly hair knows, curls can be a mixed blessing. They are beautiful and natural, but taming them is torture. The struggle with sloppy serums, flat irons, blow driers, and more kills your hair and your time. Luckily, here are 5 tips to help you maintain and tame your curly hair to make it beautiful for

1. A great haircut is essential. You must find a hair cutter who is not intimidated by curly hair. Usually this is a person who has curls themselves. They live with curls ahow-to-blow-dry-curly-hairnd know all the do’s and don’ts of curly hair. Remember that longer hair will weigh curls down and shorter hair will release curls, making your cut look fuller. Some layering is always a good idea to prevent curly hair from taking on a triangle shape.

2. Curly hair is dry hair. This means you’re shampooing and conditioning routine is different than that of people with straight hair. You must use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Only use your shampoo when you absolutely must. Conditioner used as a shampoo will keep hair clean and not dry it out. Leave the smallest amount of conditioner in your hair when rinsing. This will help to keep hair pliable. Never rub you hair dry. Wrap your head in a super absorbent towel that will blot excess moisture from your hair. This will help to prevent frizz from occurring.

3. Styling curly hair is easier than you think. The easiest way to style curly hair is to carefully comb it through with a wide-tooth comb. The next step is to apply a foaming gel mousse to hold the curls in place. Let hair dry completely and then carefully separate and place curls.

4. Color your curls with tender loving care. Curly hair is often more delicate than straight hair. Keep your hair color within a few shades of your natural color. This will avoid a strong line of demarcation, preventing the need for frequent touch-ups. All highlights on curly hair should be done using a tint. Tint highlights are extremely gentle and more suitable for curly hair.

5. Say good-bye to your curls for now! If you need a break from your curls, I highly recommend the Keratin relaxer. This will calm your curls and condition your hair for about three months. The best part is that your natural texture will slowly return so you will never have curly roots and straight ends.

Remember, too-at Say Lula Salon in San Diego, we see people all the time WISHING they had curly hair. Embrace it!

Maris Claire’s hair color tips

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Who said that blondes have more fun? Whether it’s a mousy brown, bombshell blonde or fierce red, there is always a hair color that can best suit you. Marie Claire gives its readers no-fail strategies for making color last longer as well as giving tips to find your best hair color.

For girls going brown, it depends on the style of the cut that you want when deciding what color brown to go for. If it’s all one length, it’s easy to go for a darker tone. If it’s shorter and layered it’s best to weave in high- and lowlights. Some more great tips for going brown are also staying away from hairspray which takes away the shine of a brunette.

As for being blonde, it is not a cheap route to go. It requires regular touchups and proper products. If you were blondish as a child, then going blonde as an adult might be the right choice.

Paris Hilton's blond bob

Paris Hilton's blond bob

Being a sassy red isn’t easy; it is definitely a color that sticks out in a crowd. Having cool and pinkish skin can help pull off red in a very becoming way. In order to get that gorgeous healthy looking ruby hair, it takes deep conditioning, regular trims and less time with the blow-dryer or straightener in order for those red molecules to stay in your hair longer without causing more damage.

In order to play with these different hues for your hair, always use precaution when there’s an urge to go drastic; visit a professional salon, it saves damage to your hair and wallet!

Keeping your hair healthy

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Whether it is styling, shampooing or a day at the salon, Marie Claire gives the insider tips on how to keep your hair looking healthy.

With a shampoo selection you want to stick with something that has natural cleansers so it doesn’t rob your hair of vital oils. When applying shampoo, for maximum benefits it is best to start by massaging into the roots, then crown, and finally down the remainder of your hair. Washing two or three times a week and only rinsing with water and conditioning the ends on the off days will prevent your locks from getting dry.

When styling it is best to stay away from heating your hair with a blow-dryer, curling iron or straightener too often. When blow-drying use your fingers to style your hair until it is about 80 percent dry, and then continue to use a brush to finish the styling process.

In order to keep your hair healthy, diet is very important. Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish like salmon) and protein (like nuts and cheese) are the best to keep your hair looking fabulous.

And most importantly, to keep your hair looking healthy when dealing with chemicals and dyes, always remember to consult your stylist.

Talking Makeup’s Top 10 celebrity hair stylist tips:

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The following tips from top celebrity stylists will give you access to the best hair techniques without actually having to go to them!
1. “I always use the same brushes: Mason Pearson for detangling and blowing out bangs and Spornett mixed bristle round brushes for blowouts. The mixed bristles grip the hair and create enough tension to get the hair really smooth without pulling on the hair”-Mark Townsend. (Worked with: Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Natalie Portman)
2. “There are so many to choose from now days so make sure you understand your hair type, etc. Do you have fine hair or thick hair or kinky hair….this makes a big difference in what shampoo and conditioner would be right for you. Fekkai has a very wide range of shampoos and conditioners that I love that would fit almost all hair-types out there…. Experiment till you find the one that makes your hair soft and shiny without leaving too much residue or buildup on your hair”-Adir Abergel. (Kiera Knightley, Jennifer Garner, Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams)
3. “It is always important to apply strong volumizer on the roots to achieve a full and glamorous base. Polished, soft and natural curls always add to a glamorous look the without appearing too overdone. A good tip to make the hair fall glamorously around the face is to line the hair in proportion with the cheekbones. This tip emphasizes the beauty and the overall effect of the hairstyle”-Oscar Blandi. (Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Gardner, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Sienna Miller, Shakira, Katie Homes)
4. “Moisture”-Jamal Hammadi (Sharon Stone, Lisa Marie Presley, and Meg Ryan.)
5. “My number one hair care tip is: invest in good hair products and visit your hairstylist frequently. Don’t be afraid of asking your hairstylist questions – that is part of their craft”-Omar Lopez. (Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge,)
6. “The Cutler Fly-Away Control Stick is definitely a must-have. It’s easy to travel with and great to pull out to add shine and bring down fly-aways. Another great product is Redken’s Workforce 09 hairspray it’s lightweight and adds shine”-Rodney Cutler (Rachael Ray, Jamie King, Jordin Sparks)
7. “Texture hair is always in need of moisture, conditioning, and a good stylist who understands their hair type. Most stylists are not trained to understand our hair, so a lot of Caucasian stylist will turn them away”-Kiyah Wright. (Gabrielle Union, Faith Evans, Anna Nicole Smith, and Tyra Banks)
8. “The biggest mistake people make is going to the salon when they are emotional. It is important to explain to your stylist your lifestyle whether it is work, family or friends”-Kaz Amor. (Molly Sims, Marla Maples, Lauren Conrad, Janice Dickenson, Bijou Phillips)
9. “I cannot live without Vavoom Gold Heat Iron-In Control Protective Dry Mist! This is the product I used to create Reese’s straight, sleek, shiny hair for the Globes. You spray the hair with this, then run a flat iron over the hair and it seals the hair and fights against humidity”-Mark Townsend. (Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Rachel Weisz, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Natalie Portman)
10. ” I love to use jasmine oil on my clients because I am usually working under fast turn around so it is easy enough for women to use it every day”-Oscar Blandi. (Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Gardner, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Sienna Miller, Shakira, Katie Homes)

To get your celebrity hair style, visit your hair salon. In San Diego, Say Lula Salon pros can advise you on the most workable cut for your lifestyle, hair types, face shape, and more.

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover

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Celebrity hair stylist Tabatha Coffrey gained fame as a former participant on the popular reality television show Shear Genius. Since her success, the Bravo network has given Coffrey her own show called Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.

In each episode Coffrey and her team enter salon establishments that are in desperate need of professional guidance. Coffrey takes over each salon and changes up everything −retraining stylists, assistants and even salon owners.

The second season of the show began this fall. Recently Coffrey traveled to New Jersey to help a floundering salon owner. Things heat up as the two butt heads. In the end Coffrey prevails and transforms the struggling salon into a successful establishment. In Coffrey’s blog about the episode she speaks highly of salons with retail. Coffrey writes, “Retail is important not only to increase revenue, but to service… clients properly and make sure their needs are met.

Patrons should take advantage of salon products when going in to get hair treatments. Many salons sell the products they use so that clients can keep their hair healthy and beautiful in between appointments. Trained stylists should be able to pick out products that will benefit specific types of hair.

How to Talk to Your Stylist

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Have you ever entered a salon with the perfect idea of how you want your hair to look only to leave disappointed? In many cases, the salon is not at fault. The problem lies in communication; it’s hard to communicate to stylists exactly how you want your hair to be. To solve the problem, Good Housekeeping consulted a team of hair professionals and asked them what salon guests should specifically ask for when speaking with a stylist.

For a smooth, pumped-up volume style that goes well with long or medium length hair, you should ask for a “blowout with bend.” Your hair will have great shape and movement.

If you want a super shiny and super straight do, ask for a cut that is at least chin length and then ask for it to be styled “straight and sleek.” The hairstylist will use silicone to give your strands a great, glossy sheen.

Have curly hair and want to get it under control? With any curly cut, ask to have it styled so it looks “polished.” You will get perfect curls with nor frizz. If looking polished doesn’t sound appealing, ask for an “undone ponytail.” The stylist will pull back your hair into an easy, casual but clean looking up do.

And lastly, if you want a spunky layered cut, ask for it to be made “piecey.” Salons use finishing products like wax to help separate hair into chunky sections.

Lowlights vs. Highlights

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What’s the difference between highlights and lowlights? Highlights lighten hair by adding brighter shades to complement skin tones. Lowlights enrich dark shades in hair allowing strands to look more vibrant. You can use both treatments separately, but together they can provide a very harmonizing look. Lowlights help highlights blend in with your natural hair color, so color treatments don’t look as fake and drastic.

Stylists suggested getting lowlights in between highlights to keep your hair looking great. For brunettes, red, copper and gold lowlights work best. Blondes should turn to copper and gold lowlights to keep highlights from looking brassy.

There are several things to consider when getting high or lowlights. First off, go to a professional. The two hair treatments are not quick processes you can buy in a box. Each treatment should be customized to your personal hair and skin tone. Second, don’t go crazy at the back of your head. This area highlights naturally. And finally, go for a natural look. Your hair tones should blend seamlessly.

Hair trends for Fall

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Elle magazine just compiled a list of the “Top 10 Haircuts for Fall 2008.” So what’s hot for the new season? The list has a little something for every style:
1. The fringe –perfect for oval shaped faces, thick bangs add a little mystery and sophistication. Use a smoothing serum to keep your strands smooth and glossy, and remember to get your bangs trimmed frequently.
2. The layered look –great for giving weighty hair texture. Avoid excessive coloring, simple two toned shades are best.
3. The natural –an incredible short shear for women with coarse hair. Requires literally no maintenance.
4. The mushroom bob –a short, layered bob that works well with lighter or medium weight hair. The cut is results in a bouncy, lifted style that looks rather boyish.
5. The asymmetrical shag –short hair is popular these days with celebrities like Victoria Beckham sporting close cut hairdos. A layered shag that is asymmetrical is a great way to look edgy without looking crazy.
6. The wild curls –if you have springy, tight curls, let them loose this fall. Have layers cut in to tame the strands but don’t be afraid to go big.
7. The blunt bob –a straight across bob is good on fine and straight hair and looks stunning.
8. The pixie –Katie Holmes has made the pixie the new must-have haircut. Pixie cuts really emphasize facial structure and show off necklines.

Rihanna with a pixie cut

Rihanna with a pixie cut

9. The layered bob –finally, a bob for round faces. Layers around the ears and chin help make the cut wearable.
10. The all-one-layer –this cut is very blunt and only works on straight hair. But if done properly, the results are runway model worthy.

Straight Hair Secrets

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For many women, straight hair means an hour long battle with a flat iron only to be foiled at the first hint of moisture. To help women on their quest for pin-straight strands, Marie Claire’s beauty editors gave their “4 Secrets to Straight Hair:”

1. After straightening curled hair, wear a side part. The weight of your hair will keep your do from puffing up.

2. Use a 1500 to 1800 watt dryer. You need the extra power to lock in the shape. Professional hairstylists always use high powered dryers.

3. Blow dry in small sections. Trying to dry large sections won’t work and will just leave your head with patches of damp strands.

4. Use water free styling products. You definitely don’t need the extra moisture.

If you’re a little unsure about how to handle straightening your hair, or if you’ve already tried and been unsuccessful, check out a salon. Salon professionals are great about teaching patrons hair styling techniques.