Hair trends for Fall

Elle magazine just compiled a list of the “Top 10 Haircuts for Fall 2008.” So what’s hot for the new season? The list has a little something for every style:
1. The fringe –perfect for oval shaped faces, thick bangs add a little mystery and sophistication. Use a smoothing serum to keep your strands smooth and glossy, and remember to get your bangs trimmed frequently.
2. The layered look –great for giving weighty hair texture. Avoid excessive coloring, simple two toned shades are best.
3. The natural –an incredible short shear for women with coarse hair. Requires literally no maintenance.
4. The mushroom bob –a short, layered bob that works well with lighter or medium weight hair. The cut is results in a bouncy, lifted style that looks rather boyish.
5. The asymmetrical shag –short hair is popular these days with celebrities like Victoria Beckham sporting close cut hairdos. A layered shag that is asymmetrical is a great way to look edgy without looking crazy.
6. The wild curls –if you have springy, tight curls, let them loose this fall. Have layers cut in to tame the strands but don’t be afraid to go big.
7. The blunt bob –a straight across bob is good on fine and straight hair and looks stunning.
8. The pixie –Katie Holmes has made the pixie the new must-have haircut. Pixie cuts really emphasize facial structure and show off necklines.

Rihanna with a pixie cut

Rihanna with a pixie cut

9. The layered bob –finally, a bob for round faces. Layers around the ears and chin help make the cut wearable.
10. The all-one-layer –this cut is very blunt and only works on straight hair. But if done properly, the results are runway model worthy.


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