Maris Claire’s hair color tips

Who said that blondes have more fun? Whether it’s a mousy brown, bombshell blonde or fierce red, there is always a hair color that can best suit you. Marie Claire gives its readers no-fail strategies for making color last longer as well as giving tips to find your best hair color.

For girls going brown, it depends on the style of the cut that you want when deciding what color brown to go for. If it’s all one length, it’s easy to go for a darker tone. If it’s shorter and layered it’s best to weave in high- and lowlights. Some more great tips for going brown are also staying away from hairspray which takes away the shine of a brunette.

As for being blonde, it is not a cheap route to go. It requires regular touchups and proper products. If you were blondish as a child, then going blonde as an adult might be the right choice.

Paris Hilton's blond bob

Paris Hilton's blond bob

Being a sassy red isn’t easy; it is definitely a color that sticks out in a crowd. Having cool and pinkish skin can help pull off red in a very becoming way. In order to get that gorgeous healthy looking ruby hair, it takes deep conditioning, regular trims and less time with the blow-dryer or straightener in order for those red molecules to stay in your hair longer without causing more damage.

In order to play with these different hues for your hair, always use precaution when there’s an urge to go drastic; visit a professional salon, it saves damage to your hair and wallet!


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