As anyone with curly hair knows, curls can be a mixed blessing. They are beautiful and natural, but taming them is torture. The struggle with sloppy serums, flat irons, blow driers, and more kills your hair and your time. Luckily, here are 5 tips to help you maintain and tame your curly hair to make it beautiful for ivillage.com

1. A great haircut is essential. You must find a hair cutter who is not intimidated by curly hair. Usually this is a person who has curls themselves. They live with curls ahow-to-blow-dry-curly-hairnd know all the do’s and don’ts of curly hair. Remember that longer hair will weigh curls down and shorter hair will release curls, making your cut look fuller. Some layering is always a good idea to prevent curly hair from taking on a triangle shape.

2. Curly hair is dry hair. This means you’re shampooing and conditioning routine is different than that of people with straight hair. You must use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Only use your shampoo when you absolutely must. Conditioner used as a shampoo will keep hair clean and not dry it out. Leave the smallest amount of conditioner in your hair when rinsing. This will help to keep hair pliable. Never rub you hair dry. Wrap your head in a super absorbent towel that will blot excess moisture from your hair. This will help to prevent frizz from occurring.

3. Styling curly hair is easier than you think. The easiest way to style curly hair is to carefully comb it through with a wide-tooth comb. The next step is to apply a foaming gel mousse to hold the curls in place. Let hair dry completely and then carefully separate and place curls.

4. Color your curls with tender loving care. Curly hair is often more delicate than straight hair. Keep your hair color within a few shades of your natural color. This will avoid a strong line of demarcation, preventing the need for frequent touch-ups. All highlights on curly hair should be done using a tint. Tint highlights are extremely gentle and more suitable for curly hair.

5. Say good-bye to your curls for now! If you need a break from your curls, I highly recommend the Keratin relaxer. This will calm your curls and condition your hair for about three months. The best part is that your natural texture will slowly return so you will never have curly roots and straight ends.

Remember, too-at Say Lula Salon in San Diego, we see people all the time WISHING they had curly hair. Embrace it!


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