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Hair Trends: Headbands
December 4, 2008

What’s hot in celebrity hair these days? It’s headbands. Wide, thick, one-tone color headbands are being worn by celebs everywhere. Headbands are a quick way to make yourself look polished and put together without seeming stuffy. With a wide array of colors and prints available, headbands can be matched to any outfit.

Headbands have really become popular due to the rise of the young star Leighton Meester from television’s hot drama Gossip Girl. Meester has become a fashion icon and routinely pairs her gorgeous attire with satin headpieces.

Another great plus about headbands –they can hide bangs. So if you’re in that awkward hair stage where you are trying to grow out your bangs, but they haven’t quite reached a good length yet, pull them back in a headband.